What are RGB and CMYK? Which one should I use?

To offer a brief definition, RGB denotes the primary colors of light that are Red, Green, and Blue; whereas CMYK refers to usage of primary colors of pigment, the term CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

RGB colors are an ideal choice if you intend to use your images or designs that will be displayed on a computer, TV or a lighted sign. However, for corrugated or paperboard surfaces CMYK prints are ideal because they do not require intensity of a light source, unlike RGB colors.

At Pristine Packaging, the print job is done using CMYK inks. If you provide us your artworks and designs in RGB, they will be converted to CMYK format.

It is vital to note that when RGB colors are converted to CMYK for printing the colors appear dull and colorless. Sometimes it is the case that there is no equivalent RGB color in CMYK inks, in such scenarios color shifting can take place. You can convert your artworks yourself to CMYK format and adjust the colors to your liking.

There are some software programs, for example, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat, these programs have inbuilt functions that are better able to display CMYK colors on computer monitors. You can use these software programs to convert and preview your designs and artworks with higher accuracy.

Are color matching services available at Pristine Packaging?

No, we do not offer color matching services to our customers; moreover, we cannot assure you the consistency of colors between the ones displayed on the website and the final print or between multiple orders.

In addition to that, the color format that you use significantly changes how colors appear on your printed boxes. When we print your boxes we use CMYK inks; if you are providing your images in RGB they will be converted in CMYK. This conversion can lead to dull and colorless printed boxes.

Although we do not warrant color matching, almost all of our customers are satisfied by the color that appears on the final printed boxes.

Can you please explain the turnaround times for orders?

Currently, the turnaround time for orders below 2000 units is 10 – 12 business days. If you place orders above 2000 units this may require additional days for productions.

On the other hand, due to the complexity of custom manufacturing, this makes us provide you with estimated due dates. We make sure that our orders reach you before the deadline, however we do not guarantee our delivery dates.

Once orders are placed you will receive digital proof within a span of 24 hours. You can prolong the proofing process and make various adjustments/changes; if need be, you can cancel your orders. Note that prolonging the proofing cycle can cause your shipment date to be delayed.

On the acceptance of proof, your orders are sent for production and after that you cannot make any changes or cancel your orders.

Do my choices affect my pricing?

Yes, they do have an impact on the price we charge you for your orders.

Five factors contribute to the pricing of your custom boxes.

  • Dimensions: the more the depth, the higher the cost.
  • Box style: the style you choose for your boxes, be it mailer or folding carton, it affects the price.
  • Ink coverage: the percentage of ink used on your printed boxes surface.
  • Materials: the material that we use, for example if you use Kraft the price will be different in comparison to another material.
  • Quantity: if you order more quantity, you will benefit from unit cost savings.

Where can I upload my dieline template? How can I place orders with a 2D dieline?

As soon as your artwork is ready on your dieline template, please submit the dieline file on our website.

After you send your template, we review your file for any concerns and the required ink coverage. After a quick review we send you a quote and a checkout link to place your orders.

As soon as you place your order, there will be a thorough review of your artworks and then we will send you a 2D proof.

Note: all the non-technical concerns like spelling errors, color shifts from RGB or PMS to CMYK, and atypical design orientation are not addressed in our proofing process. For concerns regarding file set-up, please share your concerns with our support team. We will love to help you before you submit your orders.