Terms of Service

Pristine Packaging has its own set of terms and conditions, by accessing this website and the use of our services; you agree to the below-mentioned clauses. Please carefully read the following terms and conditions because you will be bound by them. Pristine Packaging reserves the right to amend, change, and modify the stated terms mentioned below and conditions with or without any prior notice. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions please do not access this website and use our services. The changes to our website will be considered as part of the new terms of service. These new terms will be posted on this page and your continued use of this website after the amendment and changes constitutes your agreement to the changes.


It is important to note that the given production and shipping turnaround times are merely estimates. Pristine Packaging will invest reasonable and necessary efforts to prevent delay of production and delivery schedules from taking place, in any case, Pristine Packaging will not be liable for any consequential loss or damages, as a result of any delay in shipment or delivery. Pristine Packaging packages all products in enduring packaging to withstand potentially harsh handling during the international shipping of these products. The costs of production are subject to modification and change based on changes in labor, materials, and other cost considerations and factors, which may be revised to take immediate effect. Also, note that the shipment and delivery of orders are fulfilled by shipping to couriers and freight assignments by Pristine Packaging and are not directly carried out by Pristine Packaging. Pristine packaging does not assume any monetary liability for any errors, loss, theft, damages, or delays to customer products arising during shipment and delivery; the damages are the sole responsibility of the respective courier or freight company, which is responsible for delivering the products. In case that the customer acquires damaged products, Pristine Packaging will guide and assist the customer in filing a complaint and opening an investigation to make a claim for damages and compensation from the respective shipping or courier company, and initiate resolution. Please note that an unexpected equipment failure, any sort of malfunction, or technical problem can lead to a delay in the printing process. In an event of the delay of customer products due to technical difficulty; the rush charges/fees will either be refunded or waived off where possible. However, there will be no order cancellation based on technical difficulties. The customer assumes the responsibility for clearing all the shipping/ delivery charges, custom clearance fees, duties, and taxes for initial and subsequent orders. Moreover, shipping rates for large quantity boxes may vary because it depends on the customers’ access to a shipping dock and a forklift, if customers do not have such access, additional charges may apply.

Our shipping cost is based on packing size, current rates, weight, and estimate conditions; these costs are subject to amendment between the date of quotation and the date of execution in order to meet the potential cost. Note that additional charges may apply for the custom exams, extra fees during transportation, and customs clearance. The customer holds the responsibility of providing any requested information during the shipping and customs clearance process. Not providing necessary information may lead to delays, or extra warehousing and storage fees. Pristine Packaging is not liable for any sort of penalties, fees, and charges that arise as a result of customers’ non-compliance to the shipping and customs clearance procedure.

At Pristine Packaging, the printing turnaround time commences after your artwork/files have been uploaded, reviewed, and accepted by the respective department, you also have approved press-ready proof and made a full payment of your dues which also includes applicable taxes, shipping, and handling charges. While placing your orders you can select the production speed which indicates the number of business days for printing your order and making it ready to hand it over to the respective shipping company. It should be noted that your proof must be received before 10 A.M Central Standard Time.

Pristine Packaging takes a standard 10 to 12 business days to ship your products, 6 or 8 days business days for quick shipping, and 2 to 3 business days for ground shipping to any single location per order within the United States, with no limits on the quantity and weight of your products. Please note that shipping to additional locations will charge you additional costs. Claims regarding lost or damaged shipment can be lodged after 6 business days from the date of package shipment.


By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you also agree that you will defend and hold Pristine Packaging harmless including all its members, vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, directors, employees, representatives, and affiliates from and against any claims or damages that are based upon, relating to or arising as a result of an alleged wrongful act of a customer or alleging that the printing job performed or goods produced by us on the request of our customers (a) breaches the copyright, patent or proprietary right of any person; or (b) are as a result of unauthorized access to password safe area of our website; or (c) contains slanderous, defamatory, scandalous, obscene or libelous content. Moreover, you are liable to indemnify us and hold us harmless from and against any cost, loss, expense, and damages that arise as a result of or related to a claim including: (1) paying a judgment or award (2) offer us defense against any claim (3) reimbursement of any legal cost or expense.

Pristine Packaging including its members, vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, directors, employees, representatives, and affiliates assume no responsibility for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, the act of god, or any punitive, consequential, or incidental damages, based in contract or tort law, which are connected or as a result arise out from any sort of use of our website, with a delay of any kind or inability to use our website or any products, software, data, services or information gained through our website, even if a party is made aware of the possible damages.

The liability for damages, losses, and causes of action which includes but it is not limited to negligence, arising from these terms and conditions or use of this website shall not exceed the amount paid by you to Pristine Packaging for your requests or orders.


Pristine Packaging offers customers a limited warranty, replacement, and returns options. If you find a defect in your purchase, have an issue with the quality of the product or your product is not according to the specifications you mentioned; then you need to inform us within 3 business days of receiving your order. We will not hesitate to replace the product sold or give you a discount. Please note that the determination of a defect is at the discretion of our management. As each order is unique to a customer hence it has no re-sale; therefore there will be no refunds or credits.

To receive a reprint of your original order, the procedure entails that you must submit digital photos that clearly show the defect in question, wait for written return authorization by the management of Pristine Packaging, then return the full quantity of the original order within 7 business days from the delivery of the original order – at your own expense. It should be clarified that we will not accept any returns without a written return authorization from Pristine Packaging.  Pristine Packaging is not responsible for costs related to shipping products for return or exchange, or any other shipping charges that arise with re-ordering products.


How does Pristine Packaging define a product as defective? Pristine Packaging defines a product as defective if the product has the following: improper construction, cuts or finish, errors in structure, or printing from manufacturing. In the case of paperboard, due to its nature, cracking occurs when creased in printed areas; this is because of over-expansion in such material. We do not classify minor cracking in non-laminated card stock as defective; because it is completely normal for that to happen. Also, cracks bend, or scratches due to mishandling or during shipping are not classified as defective. Pristine Packaging assumes responsibility for all manufacturing errors and will re-produce and re-print at the discretion of Pristine Packaging management. We encourage customers to inform us immediately if there are any defects in the products.


Customers should supply their artworks, designs, and images in CMYK format. Please note that Pristine Packaging will not be held responsible for any shifts in color that occur when converting your files from RGB to CMYK color modes. Moreover, you should also submit all your designs, artworks, and images with the minimum requirement of 300 dots per inch (DPI) at 1:1 scale and in CMYK color mode. Pristine Packaging is not responsible if the images appear to be distorted, pixelated, or appear to be fuzzy because of the customer provided artwork. We urge customers to adhere to these specifications, however, if they do not do so then Pristine Packaging is not responsible for any printing errors that might occur as a result of negligence on part of the customer. In addition to this, you are responsible for checking the accuracy of your print-ready artworks/designs/files this also includes any sort of issues regarding the orientation and/or alignment of pages of your submitted work.

When you upload files/artwork/designs you agree that all the material used and uploaded is lawfully yours or that you have appropriate rights to use the material. You also assume full liability for the content of the material used, printed, or processed on your behalf with your instructions. We exercise the full right to refuse an order which we might find illegal or in breach of the rights of third parties. We are under no obligation to disclose a reason for refusing your order. Note that we do not accept orders that involve improper, obscene, or indecent material for printing.


Please note that you bear the sole responsibility for the content that you send, share, upload, post, distribute or transmit to or via our website. Moreover, you also agree that usage of any material that you send, upload, post, and share or transmit to or via our website or is used in combination or connection with the contents of our website will certainly not include any unauthorized copyrighted third party work; any copyrighted third party work such as text, image, design, trademark, service mark cannot be used unless you are given permission from the respective owners to do so. You also agree that you will not send, upload, share, post or transmit to or distribute or via our website any such material that is indecent or unlawful in nature or it restricts other peoples’ usage of our website or violate the rights of Pristine Packaging or any third party; the violation can be of proprietary or intellectual rights.

Pristine Packaging does not exercise control over the contents posted by users or customers of our website, therefore we cannot guarantee the integrity, quality, and/or accuracy of the content. In any case, Pristine Packaging is not liable for any content that you find repulsive, objectionable, offensive, or indecent.

Pristine Packaging and its authorized designed exercise full right, but have no obligation, in their discretion to remove any item or content that they find breaching the terms of service or maybe objectionable in nature. We may retain content and may also disclose the content if it is required by the law or any other case that necessitates the disclosure of content: (a) compliance with a legal procedure; (b) enforce terms of service; (c) in response to claims that the content breaches the rights of third parties; or (d) in order to protect its users and the general public and the rights, property, and safety of our website.

You are solely responsible for providing correct information for processing your orders and requests. Fraudulent use of our website or non-compliance with our terms and conditions will face prosecution.

With the use of our website, you are explicitly warranting that you have the necessary right, authority, and permission to purchase orders and you allow Pristine Packaging to manufacture your products on your behalf. By using our site and placing an order on our website, you warrant that you are not a minor but of sufficient legal age to make or create binding legal obligations for any liability that may arise from the use of this website.

Note that you bear the full responsibility of safeguarding your accounts’ password and controlling access to your restricted account. Moreover, by agreeing to these terms you also agree that you will be held responsible for any actions, requests, or orders placed from your registered account.

Protecting the confidentiality of your password is your responsibility and you should not give your password to any other person. If an unauthorized user accessed the password-protected domain of this website; due to the omissions or acts on your behalf then you agree that will be held liable for any unauthorized use.

By using our website you also agree to Pristine Packaging’s privacy policy that entails the collection and use of your information. You also agree that you read and understood our privacy policy.


We accept payment of orders in only U.S. Dollars. It is to be noted that we will not commence the production of your order or proceed with any other services until full payment including all of the charges, taxes, handling, and shipping fees are made by a credit card or any other approved method by our customer. As part of the order placement procedure, we require the approval of proof from our users and customers for printing products or other services, either in the form of an electronic file or a hard copy, without the approval of proof the order will not proceed.

It is to clarify that with the approval of the proof, the print job is sent to press, and henceforth no changes to artwork files, job specifications, and selected printing turnaround time can be permitted. You can cancel your orders within 4 hours after you have sent your approved proofs or you can do so even after the 24-hour time limit. If you cancel your order within 4 hours you will have to pay a charge of $25 and 5% of the total amount ordered before the order is canceled. However, in case of canceling orders after 24 hours, you will have to pay 50% of the total order amount in order to compensate for the work done in the prepress department and also to cover financial costs related to order cancellation. We do not warrant that your order will be canceled after the 24-hour time limit.


Design orders placed at Pristine Packaging are non-refundable and final.


Sales tax is charged on any order or service received from the state of Texas. However, if you are exempt from paying taxes then please provide us with your tax exemption certificate when placing your order.


For the customers and users that order any printing product or employ our services, it is required from them that they approve the proof (whether an electronic file or hard copy) of what they order or request. We do not send the job to the press without the approval of proof; customers are responsible to check for their proofs by logging into their account. Pristine Packaging is not liable for any delays in the order that might arise because of the customer not approving the proof. The turnaround time commences after your approval of proof.

You are required to review your proof before you approve. You should compare the proof with the original file to identify and correct any inaccuracies or mistakes in the proof. You should check for possible errors in spacing, margins, punctuation, image or text placement, and proportion, cuts, dimensions, bleeds. It should be clarified that electronic proof lacks transparency, overprint issues, and also does not show change of color from RGB to CMYK to Pantone. The usage of UV coating or lamination may alter or change the color appearance of printed products. In the case of laminated products, we are not responsible for the final appearance of a color.


We will put in our best efforts to reproduce the same color as in the submitted print-ready files, however, we cannot exactly match the color and density. As there are limitations in the printing process, we cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of color reproduction. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to the aforementioned limitation. We will do our best to match the gradient density of each color, however, we are not responsible for the color variations between the submitted files and the final printed product or the actual artwork. A reprint will not be issued for color variations that take place during the printing process. It should be noted that we only guarantee color accuracy and match for hard copy proofs, but we are not responsible for color matching or ink density of approved screen proofs. Note: hard copy proofs cost you an extra sum of money.


Pristine Packaging shall not be held liable for any of the following errors: misspelling and grammatical mistakes, punctuation, damaged font graphics, bleeds, wrong, incorrect or missing folds, die lines, crop marks, cracks, transparency, cracks on folds, overprint finished product and size. We do not employ the use of gang printing for most of our products. On the basis of customer or user requirements, we may opt to choose a printing method that is best suited for the job of printing a particular item.


Pristine Packaging delivers your ordered goods with a 5% margin for overrun or under-run of the requested amount. We strive to provide you the exact quantity of goods you ordered with a small additional amount; we do not charge you extra for the extra goods. In case of an under-run, we will only charge you for the goods that were delivered.