Why Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes is the best choice for your food products?

Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes - Pristine Packaging

Corrugated Packaging Boxes are similar to the Standard Cardboard Boxes with a little alteration. In this type of box, a Corrugated Cardboard sheet is placed in between Two Standard Cardboard Sheets resulting in a new kind of box with various qualities. It is still a lightbox that is easy to handle and transport from one point to another. However, the groove increases the strength, durability, and cautioning of the box by a significant margin. This is because the Corrugate Sheet displaces the overall wright of the product across the entire surplice area on which the box is placed. Due to this, the box can withstand heavy loads without damaging the product inside. Due to this, many companies prefer using Corrugated Boxes instead of a standard Cardboard Box.

The food industry is arguably its most significant consumer when it comes to Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes. These Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes are used for the transportation of a variety of foods starting from burgers to pastries to hot streaks. Everyone is familiar with Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes as they are the same boxes in which the pizza is all delivered all across the world.

There are various reasons this kind of box is superior when compared to a standard cardboard box for Food Packaging. Some of these reasons are:

Easy to customize:

In the modern world, the competition is immense, and companies are doing all they can to make their products distinctive. The food industry is no stranger to this reality. Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes are straightforward to customize due to their high flexibility. It can be made to open upwards or sidewards as the parent company wishes to do. This might not seem that big of a deal to an individual customer, but from the company’s point of view, such ease in customizing their packaging is hard to come by.

Cost-effective Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes:

Another big reason for using Custom Corrugated Packaging boxes is because of their cost-effectiveness in more than one way. They cost a meager amount to produce and do the job that is expected from very high-quality materials. As mentioned earlier, pizzas across the globe are delivered in Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes. One of the main reasons is that the box provides higher insulation than a regular box and does not spoil quickly by the oil or cheese used in the product. For the same reason, a lot of other edibles are also packed in this kind of box. This box does not alter the overall product cost much, but it still manages to keep the food inside fresh for a long time. Because of this reason, Custom Corrugated Boxes are widely used for Food Packaging Boxes.

This effectiveness in the cost of packaging material increases the profit for the company, which the companies use for increased customization of the packaging without affecting their reserves.

Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Provides maximum protection:

One of the main challenges that the food industry face while delivering the products is the danger of spoiling the product due to many factors.  Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes reduce that danger to a minimum. The product inside such boxes is safe from natural elements like sunlight and wind. Even the water penetration is reduced to a minimum by the use of Custom Corrugated Packaging. Companies can customize the boxes following the product delivered. Corrugated Shipping Boxes used for delivery are made of hard cardboard and can keep the product safe for more extended periods. This method is so effective that the militaries of different countries even adopt it for the food. MRE or meal ready to eat, used for the consumption of soldiers on a mission, are packed in Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes because they can keep the content inside safe for several years. This shows the importance of these boxes when compared to any other kind.

Recyclable Boxes:

The biodegradability and recyclability of Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes are nothing less of icing on the cake. As opposed to plastic containers, these boxes are environment friendly. They can also easily be recycled, and companies take full advantage of this fact. It was found in a survey that forty percent of the Corrugated Packaging are recycled and turned into new ones. This is a colossal figure statically, which cannot be achieved in any other type. The main reason behind this is, as mentioned earlier, their ability to withstand environmental factors like sunlight.

For the food industry, Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes are nothing short of a blessing as the authorities cannot confront them for using materials that are not environmentally friendly, which is a big problem all across the world. This releases a tremendous amount of pressure from the company

Great marketing tool:

Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes are a great marketing tool, and this is the leading reason why this kind of box is used so much in the food industry. Food companies can customize this type of box according to their desire, ensure maximum customer satisfaction and customer attention. Huge brand names and vibrant colors are hard to miss on Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes these days. They can be customized to get opened sideways or from the top. Two-piece Boxes are also becoming a new trend that sits within perfect harmony with Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes.

Due to its quality of biodegradability and recyclability, customers prefer these boxes, and the food companies do not feel shy about this fact on the box, which increases customer satisfaction even further. For the food industry, this is an unmatchable marketing tool.


Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes are an innovation like no other in the Packaging Industry. For the food industry, this is a natural, environmentally friendly, cheap, and effective way of transferring their products from one place to another, and the consumers also prefer it. That is the main reason for the popularity of Corrugated Packaging for Food Boxes all across this world. After analyzing the place of the Custom Corrugated Box in the food market, one can conclude that these boxes are here to stay for a very long time as their competitors are hard to find, at least shortly.