Why Not Inside – The Box? Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

When products are bought from e-commerce companies, presentation is essential, as customers love to see a beautiful Custom Printed Boxes. But, some brands ship their products in plain packaging, to save valuable goods from thieves. It is plausible to leave the exterior of these boxes plain, but the packaging of your product plays a vital role in delighting your customers and building their perceptions.

How can you give your customers a wonderful experience and at the same time reinforce your brands’ message? The answer is inside – only print packaging.


What…What is inside – only Print Packaging?

Inside – only print packaging is when you choose to have your designs and graphics printed on the inside of your box, while skip printing on the exterior of the package. This is a perfect solution for brands that seek to deliver products in a private and secure manner, without compromising on the quality of unboxing experience.


Why choose inside – only Custom Printed Boxes?

There are many reasons to choose this type of custom packaging boxes. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for such packaging:


A Great Experience:

During the shipping process, the exterior of the packaging is exposed to all sorts of damage like dents and finger marks. But with inside – only print packaging your wonderful designs and graphics are safe from damage. Don’t hold back, include additional messages, imagery, and vibrant graphics, without the possibility of damage.


Sssh….! It’s a Secret:

Some brands need to opt for discreet packaging because the product inside is sensitive or of high value. Hence, inside – only print packaging allows businesses to deliver an unparalleled brand experience while maintaining customers’ privacy.


Theft Discouragement:

Did you know it is estimated that 23 million Americans had their packages stolen by porch pirates? Well, this is true! What to do about this? The solution is simple: Inside – only print packaging. Thieves are discouraged because they do not know the contents of the package, thus making your valuables safe from porch pirates.

Deliver a great brand experience that respects customers’ privacy and allows your boxes to stand out to the customer. If you are looking for privacy and product protection, then this is just for you!

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