Contagious COVID-19 and Safety Measures Regarding Custom Boxes

Safety Measures Regarding Custom Boxes

Corona Virus pandemic is the new center of focus for every country in 2020 and has stopped the entire world in its tracks. It has affected the world in a way, the likes of which have never been seen before. The rapid spread of this virus has forced the people to take precautionary measures and most are forced to themselves in their own homes. Many industries like the ones related to automobiles, furniture, clothing, etc., have been closed entirely for an indefinite period of time while other industries related to the treatment of this virus-like the production of hand sanitizers, ventilators, and their custom boxes, etc., are working overtime to meet up with the higher demand of products, required all across the world.

Effect on the Custom Boxes industry:

The packaging industry is one of the few industries that are given the tough task of helping contain the virus by providing custom packaging boxes needed for the transportation and disposal of products related to the COVID-19. Therefore, Custom packaging is in high demand because of the fact that normal boxes were never designed for mass production at such high magnitudes. This had led to employees working overtime and companies are even hiring more employees to meet up with the demand.

Custom printed and custom packaging boxes aids tremendously in containing the virus. If the transportation of the new products and the disposal of the infected products are done safely by using custom boxes designed especially for this purpose, there is a high probability that the number of cases will decrease. That is why companies are doing all they can is to research and make custom boxes that are suitable for the usages of doctors and other front line workers. These people are putting their own lives on the line to treat the diseased and even a little help can be vital for them to fight the virus.

Packaging companies are doing their best to provide them with custom boxes and containers which can contain the new products for a long time without damaging them as well as contain the infested and infected waste products safely so that it can be taken care of later. So, we try to ship these products in custom boxes on a massive scale all across the world on a daily basis.

Custom Packaging of Products Related to Coronavirus:

Packaging for the products regarding coronavirus is in the spotlight for months now and a lot of research is done on a daily basis for making the products safer to transport and even safer for the disposal. The packaging of the products can be divided into three individual sectors:

  • Pre-packaging
  • Repackaging
  • Post packaging

It is the responsibility of the parent company to ensure safety in all three sectors and phases. We are trying hard to cover all these three sectors to secure your custom boxes.

  • Pre-packaging:

This is the packaging done before the equipment inside is being used. This is relatively a normal form of packaging because the product shipped is not currently in contact with the virus. But still, for the extra safety, custom boxes are specially made for this and there is no compromise on the basic measures like waterproofing and avoid damage because in the current situation hospitals abroad cannot wait for weeks that it will take for a product’s replacement. The number of patients is increasing on a daily basis and it is the preference of almost every hospital around the world to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the equipment.

  • Repackaging:

This is the kind of packaging that most people don’t even consider when it comes to virus-related products but this is an extremely important topic that cannot be neglected at any cost. Repackaging is focused on the products that are exposed to the virus but have to still be used. Custom boxes are specially made for this type of packaging because the products inside contain a virus that can be easily transmittable. No porous material is used in them and it is ensured that they can be easily burnt after their use. These custom boxes have to be made this way for the prevention of virus transmission because the normal boxes are not made to deal with such a virus.

  • Post Packaging:

Perhaps the most important of all the kinds of packaging is the post packaging and special custom boxes are used for this. After the usage, the best way to dispose off the waste product is by burning it. Custom packaging made for this purpose only can easily be burnt and release high heat energy for further increase in temperature so that even the traces of the virus cannot be left. Special cardboard known as carton board is used for making these custom boxes due to its high durability.

Our Policy Regarding Custom Boxes during COVID-19:

We as a company have taken strict measures regarding COVID-19. Coronavirus testing is compulsory for all of our employees. Every employee must pass the coronavirus test before entering the facility. Antibacterial cleansing units are installed on every single gate of our facility, through which the employees pass before entering. No one is allowed to enter without the mask or gloves. We have provided hand sanitizing tubes to our whole team. Every raw material for custom printed boxes is passed through the antibacterial cleansing units. No outsider is allowed inside the premises what so ever.

The safety of our employees is our utmost preference and we will go to any length to ensure that the employees are well and that the finished products that leave the facility are safe to use. We are playing our part in fighting the virus but at the same time, no compromise will be made on the health and safety of our employees.

As everyone knows that the whole world is badly affected by this deadly virus. The general public should also realize that only be taking precautionary measure, this virus can be eradicated. If we work together, it won’t be long before the last patient of the COVID-19 recovers from the disease.