Kraft Packaging Boxes – A Beneficial Option for your Products

Kraft Packaging Boxes - Custom Printed Wholesale Kraft Packaging at Low Rates.

Kraft Packaging boxes or more commonly known as Cardboard Boxes are the most widely used packaging in the modern world. Pioneered by the Scottish-born Robert Gair in 1890, this particular type of box has withstood the test of time with flying colors and is still going strong up to this very day. Regardless of the size of the business or the magnitude of the shipment, this box has penetrated its way into the business world in such a way that it has become a necessity that cannot be ignored at any cost.

Made by the Kraft Paper produced by the chemical pulp during the Kraft process, this type of box has changed the world in a way that is unmatchable to any other. Almost everyone’s life has been altered because of this invention. Even though for most people, it is unnoticeable, but these Custom Cardboard Boxes are a part of our daily lives, and without them, everyone’s life would be changed completely. For starters, it is hard to imagine getting a pizza delivery in a plastic bag rather than in a box. On a higher level, every product’s shipment and transportation will change completely, altering the price of every product that one uses in his or her home. All this just because of the elimination of boxes.

There are many reasons as to why the demand and usage of these Kraft Packaging Boxes have skyrocketed in the past century; these includes:

  • Easy Production of these Kraft Boxes
  • Kraft Packaging Boxes at Low Rates
  • Long Shelf Life and Recyclability
  • High Durability
  • Versatility in Usage
  • Lightweight Kraft Packaging Boxes


Easy Production of these Kraft Boxes:

Kraft Packaging Boxes and the Custom Printed Kraft Boxes are made of the same cardboard. This cardboard is easy to make and has been made for many decades now. The primary raw material for its production is wood pulp and water, both of which are easily and readily available.  In the modern world, a new machine has been introduced, which produces this paper in bulk. It takes a thick cardboard paper stacked between two thin cardboard paper sheets to make traditional cardboard for the Kraft Packaging Boxes. This smooth production is one of the main reasons as to why Kraft Packaging Boxes are so widely available all across the globe.

Kraft Packaging Boxes at Low Rates:

As mentioned earlier, the primary raw materials used in the production of cardboard are vastly available worldwide. This is why the prices of these Kraft Packaging Boxes are meager, and they are sold in masses. Because of these low prices, even the multinational companies purchase them for the shipment of their products because it aids in the savings of millions of dollars every year. For a regular customer, these boxes are free with the product in almost all cases, regardless of size. That is because giving away the box for free hardly changes the company’s overall revenue because of its low price.

Long Shelf Life and Recyclability:

Another fundamental reason for the vast use of this kind of box is its long shelf life and the fact that it can be recycled and reused. Unlike the metal boxes which can rust after some time or Plastic Boxes that are harmful to the environment, these Custom Kraft Boxes can protect the product inside for decades. They are so reliable that most of these Kraft Packaging Boxes are used for many other purposes like big things and transportation after their primary goals are fulfilled. Other than this, these Kraft Packaging Boxes are also recyclable and biodegradable, which means that they can be used in the production of other products and do not pose a severe threat to the environment, which is crucial in modern times.

High Durability:

The high durability of a Kraft Paper Box is something that everyone is forced to admit to. These Kraft Packaging Boxes possess many qualities that make them ideal for packaging material. They are strong, have high elasticity, and are not affected by the temperature variations, unlike many plastic or metallic packaging. Thus, even heavy loads are packaged into a Kraft Packaging Box, like washing machines, cooking ranges, air conditioners, etc. Other than moisture, there is possible no other factor in the world that can affect this marvel.

Versatility in usage:

Because this is a foldable material, so it has many users around the world. It is used as a Kraft Box for Wholesale, and it is used to sell out individual products. It can be divided into sections and used for storage, and It can be turned into something very fancy or something very simple. Regular Slotted Container Boxes, Full Overlap Boxes, Roll End Front Tuck Boxes, Literature Mailer Box, Auto Bottom Box, Top Flat Bottom Box, there are many different names and categories of boxes all around the world which are used for billions of products packaging daily.

Lightweight Kraft Packaging Boxes:

This might not be a big factor for the regular customer, but for companies that ship masses across the world and have to pay extra for every ton, this feature of the Cardboard Box or Kraft Packing Box is the greatest of all the other features. The product to package ratio of this kind of box is almost non compared to plastic or metallic containers, which saves the company’s millions of dollars in transportation taxes. That is why companies prefer this over any other product.


With its many features taken into account, combined with the cheap rate, availability, and the fact that it is biodegradable and recyclable, the Kraft Cardboard Box has taken over the entire packaging industry, and according to many, it is for the better. As it is more conventional and affordable when compared to metal and plastic and does not harm the environment at the same time, it is the best choice that one can probably make for packing their product without even affecting the environment. Custom Kraft Packaging is arguable the king of the packaging sector, and by the likes of it, it is safe to say that this box will not be dethroned anywhere shortly.