Useful Reasons Why Businesses Use Gable Boxes for Their Products

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Gable Boxes are from the family of containers. Made from cardboard and also known as Kraft Gable Box, this type of box is very different from a traditional Cardboard Box that comes to mind when one thinks about the product’s packaging. It has a Flat Bottom and a Triangular Top that leads towards the handle. The triangular head is useful when it comes to closing the box. This is one of the few kinds of boxes that does not require glue or tape to close it up, bringing the overall product cost to a minimum. It has a wide variety of uses, but most people are familiar with this kind as fast takeaway food or Donut Box or as a fancy box used for presents on Christmas and birthdays. This a comparatively new type has made its place in the market in a relatively short amount of time. Companies prefer these Gable Boxes, especially when selling an individual product to the customer because for various reasons. According to the PRISTINE PACKAGING point of view, there are a few of the most beneficial impacts to using these boxes are:

  • Use these Gable Boxes as a strong tool for marketing
  • A cheap and effective way of advertisement
  • Easy handling and mobility
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased visibility


Use these Gable Boxes as a strong tool for marketing:

Usage of these Elegant Gable Boxes can be a powerful tool for marketing, and the business owner does realize this and take this point into account on a somber note. Any company, especially the one related to food, use this box as print them with such colors and designs that whenever someone sees this box, they can immediately refer it to the parent company. Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and many other well-known companies use it to advertise their product. This tool is so powerful that it keeps doing its job even after discarded. If a person consumes the product inside and throws the box away, it will still advertise the product for anyone who looks at it even for a split second. This is one kind of advertising tool that, if used correctly, can boost up the company’s overall reputation.

A cheap and effective way of advertisement:

As discussed earlier, this is a great and effective way of advertising the product. But using this kind of box benefits the company in more than one way. Its low price is the icing on the cake for the parent company as it’s made up of the traditional cardboard used for the making of plain Cardboard Boxes. It is very cheap when compared to the plastic of Metallic Containers for Packaging. Made mainly from abundant raw material, wood pulp, and water, this box is so cheap that it merely affects the overall product cost while advertising the product until it is either burned or recycled. This is one of the main reasons that why Large Gable Boxes can also be seen in the market because companies prefer to spend less on the packaging as compared to the product inside but in this case, this cost cut pays off comparatively more than any other storage or take away boxes or containers.

Easy handling and mobility:

This feature is helpful and convenient for both the company and the customer. As mentioned at the start, this kind of Gable Boxes comes with a handle. Other than that, its shape is so useful that it can practically fit anywhere. This secure handling and easy fitting allow the company to transport their goods relatively quickly, and the customers also find it more convenient than the Traditional Cardboard Box. One does not need to hold the product with both hands and keep it in front of his or her body or face all the time. Instead, it can be held just like a regular shopping bag. People can even take more than one of these Gable Boxes from one place to another with ease, allowing them to carry more goods effectively and safely.

Increased creativity:

If one looks at this box, he or she will be convinced that it is a result of high-end creativity. And this is a fact if one compares it to the Traditional Boxes. It is easy to handle and has more room for advertisement, as is exceptionally cheap at the same time. The cost falls down, even more, when one realizes that it does not require any tape or glue to close it, which further reduces the packaging cost when dealing with the masses. There are also Custom Gable Boxes in the market now which possess many fancy alterations like having a squared shaped handle and instead of a circular one and having sections in it for storing even more material. All in all, this is one of the greatest marvels of the modern world yet extraordinarily cheap and simple.

Increased your brand visibility:

Due to a large outside surface area and a wide-angle appearance, the overall visibility of these Gable Boxes is much better than the old designs. Companies have used this increased visibility to their advantage as well. The increased surface area allows the companies to print their symbols or signature designs bigger than ever before, due to which anyone standing far away from the customer can quickly identify the product being consumed. This practically makes every single person that looks at the box, a potential customer for the company. This is the main reason why many companies are switching to Custom Printed Gable Boxes these days.


With this evolutionary change in the packaging industry, the Gable Boxes are slowly but effectively replacing the traditional cardboard packaging. With it, many new features and qualities, this kind of box is arguably the superior model in the box industry that outcasts every other product placed against it for comparison. Due to its practicality, the Gable Box can be seen more often in the market than ever before, and by the likes of it, one can easily conclude as the time moves forward, this one of a kind box will surely overtake all of its rival and will be seen everywhere in the market, being used for every kind of packaging purpose.