How Can You Attract Your Customers? – Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes

Attract your customers by using classy Custom Packaging Boxes:

It is not easy to make people fall in love with your product – it is, certainly, not easy as casting a spell, like in a Harry Potter movie – but making people fall head over heels for your product, actually, requires a carefully planned and creative product custom packaging boxes. The right packaging is crucial, as 70% of the first impression relies on it.

Poorly packaged products can impact your business adversely. If the packaging is poor then there is a high probability that the product will not be even looked at. Moreover, poor quality packaging reflects that the quality of the product is also low, which makes customers choose other brands over yours. Oftentimes, a person makes a purchase just because of the unique packaging and the overall experience that it brings.

For all the business and e-commerce owners, this blog will discuss key aspects to make your customers fall instantly in love with your product. Read on!


Custom Packaging Boxes Design:

When designing custom packaging boxes, you need to consider different aspects. Firstly, you need to consider the shape of the box. Due to storage purposes, the most common shapes in packaging are square and rectangular. In order to be different, you need to think outside the box. For example, Nike air simply launched their shoes in a plastic bag filled with air. By doing so, they were able to:

  • Cleverly display their shoes
  • Made shipping easier
  • Emphasize the element of “Air”

However, different brands opt for different approaches, some companies still use square or rectangular shaped boxes but with more emphasis on making the design unique. Mailer boxes are also popular box structure, the fun part about these boxes is that you can incorporate a factor of surprise and excite your customers by printing inside the box or placing personalized cards.


It’s all about the Unboxing Experience!

The experience of the buyer is just as important as the shape and design of the box.

You need to create custom packaging boxes that will leave your customers’ star struck, this will make them share your custom boxes with friends, family, and social media. Moreover, the unique experience of unboxing allows the customer to consider that his/her money was spent well.

Try using specific colors to create a certain response to the human brain. For example, the purple color gives a more luxurious and mysterious look, whereas the color blue is more inviting and shows trustworthiness. You can always add other sensory elements, like sound and smell. Take your customers through a wholesome experience before letting them reach their product. This will create a lasting impression on the customers and urge them to share their experiences on social media.


Why not go for Additional Processes?

Additional processes or finishing options add charm to your custom packaging boxes, you can opt for special die-cuts, embossing, debossing, spot UV, foil stamping, and more. These add-ons can help you distinguish your product and also polish your product packaging.


Packaging and Promotional Inserts:

Why not surprise your customers by adding packaging inserts. You can create a feeling of goodwill by inserting a personalized thank you note or personalized message. In addition to this, you can also add packaging dividers, this will help you to sort the products neatly. Without the necessary inserts, your products might get damaged during transit. Thus, making your customers unhappy.


Custom Packaging Boxes with Excellent Customer Services:

This last point is important for e-commerce businesses. Having an exceptional customer service department is crucial for your business to thrive. Before receiving the product, customers only have contact with your customer services department. Make sure that your representatives are able to satisfy your customers and attentively note all the necessary shipping details etc. By having excellent services, you are setting them up for excitement, thus making it easier for them to love your product.

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